DragonMint T1 Bitcoin Mining Machine: Opportunity Waiting to Be Leveraged 

The DragonMint T1 is specially manufactured by Halong Mining to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and other SHA-256 algorithm-based cryptocurrencies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Launched in April 2018, the DragonMint T1 is also known as the DragonMint 16T and has drawn interest from the mining community due to its high hash rate and energy efficiency, to offer competitive benefits in the extremely competitive mining sector.

The miner comes with three chipboards and is accompanied by an ASICBoost feature in case of an update. This machine can comfortably work in a 0 – 40 °C temperature (which is also the recommended working temperature). 

Key Features of the DragonMint T1 Miner 

With an astounding hash rate of up to 16 TH/s (terahashes per second), the DragonMint T1 is among the most potent miners in its class. This high hash rate increases the likelihood of mining rewards and expedites block verification timeframes. Other features include:

Energy Efficiency, Design and Cooling

With its energy efficiency of about 0.075 J/GH (joules per gigahash), the DragonMint T1 can comfortably work with an electric power efficiency of 1480W and 12 voltage capacity. Because it uses less energy, miners may maximize their profits by spending less on power. The miner has a sturdy, small design that is enhanced for longevity and heat dissipation.

Amid a high workload, it maintains consistent operating temperatures with the help of the effective dual fan cooling system, with a 6000rpm capacity – accompanied by a 75db noise capacity. With a size of 125 x 155 x 340mm, weighing 6000g, this architecture ensures constant performance over long periods by reducing the possibility of overheating and hardware malfunction.


The DragonMint T1 is compatible with a range of mining software and pool configurations and is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its simple incorporation into current mining rigs is made possible by its support for industry standards like Stratum V2. Because of this adaptability, miners may maximize their mining potential without having to make significant technological improvements.

User Interface

An easy-to-use web interface allows for effortless monitoring and control of the DragonMint T1. Built with an Ethernet interface, users can connect with any device, miners may quickly obtain real-time performance parameters such as hash rate, temperature, and power consumption. The interface’s ease of use facilitates managerial duties and improves operational efficiency.


High Hash Rate

Energy Efficiency

Effective Cooling


User-Friendly Interface


Initial Cost

Noise Level


Maintenance Requirements

Market Competition

Technical Functions of The DragonMint T1

The DragonMint T1 is equipped with ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chips from the DM8575 generation. Compared to general-purpose gear, these chips offer more processing power and efficiency because they are specifically made for cryptocurrency mining.

Power Supply and Cooling System

A 1600W Power Supply Unit (PSU) with an efficiency rating of at least 80 Plus Gold is necessary for the DragonMint T1. With a miner power consumption of 1205W ±6%, this minimizes the possibility of power-related problems and maximizes overall performance by guaranteeing the miner receives a steady and effective power source. The ASIC chips must be properly cooled in order to function effectively without throttling or being damaged.

Network Connectivity and Firmware and Updates

The DragonMint T1 is connected to both the blockchain network and mining pools via the Ethernet interface, with a 9×6pin wire. For prompt submission of solved hashes and connection with the mining pool, dependable and quick network connectivity is necessary. Specialized firmware governs the mining process and hardware performance on the DragonMint T1. Halong Mining’s firmware may be updated frequently to increase security, add new features, and increase efficiency.

Final Thought

The DragonMint T1 has continually distinguished itself, considering its powerful hash rate, energy efficiency, and intuitive design. Its performance capabilities and operational benefits make it a compelling option for serious miners looking to maximize their mining rewards and operational efficiency in the continuous changing landscape of digital currencies.

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Don Blankenship

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