Grant Size and Centralization in Lido’s Arbitrum Proposal Splits Community

The $4M ARB grant proposal on Snapshot by Lido Finance has evoked wars concerning the initiative’s alleged centralization fears.

The Arbitrum community has vehemently opposed a Lido decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) proposal to acquire a 5 million ARB grant worth just above $4M. The size of the grant and ongoing worries regarding Lido’s alleged centralization are the community’s primary concerns.

Last month, a Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP) was introduced by the Arbitrum Foundation. It sought to distribute 50000000 ARB worth $41.2M and evoke projects’ development on the prompt layer-2.

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution created on top of the Ethereum platform. It relies on Ethereum’s dependability while running transactions without the adaptable restrictions linked to the layer-1 blockchain.

Community Splits on Lido’s Proposal as Vote Portray Emerging Antagonism

The $4M grant proposal was introduced by Seraphim Czecker, a Lido Finance contributor, and voting will be finalized on October 13.

Lido Finance is a liquid staking network that allows people to stake their inactive Ethereum. Every vote needs 71.5 million ARB tokens to attain a quorum. Nevertheless, the number of ARB stakeholders who have cast their ballots is 69.6 million.

Despite only two days left, the decision is almost equally divided. In this case, 48.3% support the proposal, while 47.4% oppose it.

Czecker was dissatisfied with the findings, claiming it was slightly upsetting that the vote was antagonistic. He also said that including Lido Finance’s staked Ethereum could significantly enhance Arbitrum’s value.

stETH, Lido Finance’s staked Ethereum, signifies a person’s staked Ethereum through Lido. The tokens accumulate staking rewards, and rehypothecation can happen via decentralized finance.

Czecker said this grant would also encourage the migration of stETH from mainnet to Arbitrum and eliminate the need to stake additional ETH. Additionally, the migration also disputes the notion of Lido being a threat to the ecosystem.

Nevertheless, Bob Rossi, an Arbitrum decentralized autonomous organization representative, suggested the need for proposals to focus on ‘impending initiatives’ or projects’ that seem to create utility on the entire project rather than singular tokens.’ The change of priorities to the entire project leaves little support for single token initiatives.

Another voter claimed they could not back a grant for a protocol that risks the sincere impartiality of the whole Ethereum network just for a slight amount of extra profit. The enormous risk in a single initiative was too much to overburden the entire network for the pursuit of slight profit unlike the case when huge returns are guaranteed for the entire project.

Arbitrum Proposals Thrive

Data captured by Inspex shows that the number of active proposals on Arbitrum DAO’s Snapshot page is 95. Additionally, they are requesting 100.2 million ARB tokens amounting to $80M. The tokens that have requested for more than 2 million tokens include Radiant Finance, MUX Protocol, Camelot, GMX, Vertex Protocol, and Gains Network. The likelihood of their approval is high.

In addition to Lido DAO, the Arbitrum community has significantly voted against Wormhole’s proposal, including Curve Finance, Synapse, and others.

Curve Finance requested for 1.6 million tokens. Nevertheless, some members of the community claimed the 3.4 million ARB tokens from the Arbitrum airdrop earlier this year were yet to be utilized. 

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