Kraken Warning Users IRS to Access Crypto Transactions’ Data

Crypto exchange Kraken has, in a Wednesday, October 25 email, warned the customers of its plans to share crypto-related transaction data exceeding $20000 by November. The US-based crypto exchange indicated that it would share details on crypto transactions with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

Kraken alerted its customers that it would readily comply with the June court ruling directing the company to share information relating to transactions exceeding $20000 in the 2016-20 period. 

Kraken Complies with Court Ruling to Share Users’ with IRS

The firm informed the US-based users who executed such transactions that it would share the account history with the IRS. The firm indicated it would furnish the federal agency with users’ names, birth dates, tax IDs, contact and address information.

Kraken informed the customers affected by the Wednesday announcement in a personalized email. The crypto exchange spokesperson confirmed that the company intends to share the information at the onset of November. 

Kraken cited the mid-2023 ruling by the federal judge directing Kraken to share the transaction history with the IRS. The June ruling ended the two-year legal battle pitting the federal government against the privacy-minded crypto firm concerning data sharing. The legal filings indicated the ruling will affect 42017 accounts held on the Kraken platform. 

Kraken Resistance Against IRS Demand for Crypto-related Transactions

Kraken lodged steadfast resistance to provide the IRS with the crypto-related transactions history. The ruling extinguishes such resistance and nonetheless profiles the matter as a victory for the privacy advocates. In particular, the Kraken-IRS legal batter ultimately averted the federal regulator from having a greater incursion on the customers’ data. 

Kraken reiterated its stance to object to the IRS’ demands and challenge summons it considers intrusive. Kraken indicated that complying with the June ruling amounts to pursuing unnecessary information for the US clients, including employment details, income source, networth, IP addresses, and banking details. 

Kraken’s spokesperson indicated in the statement that the crypto firm convinced the court to dismiss the IRS demands. Kraken restated that it would always lean towards clients’ privacy, as indicated when resisting IRS incursive requests. 

Federal Court’s Ruling Favors IRS Demands for Users’ Details

The June 2023 order by the judge to cryptocurrency exchange Kraken aligns with previous decisions involving IRS demands. The US largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, faced a similar order by a judge to furnish details of select user data to the tax-collecting agency in 2018. 

Crypto payments from Circle faced a similar ruling directive from the federal court in 2020 to grant IRS legal authority access to the records of transactions exceeding $20000 between 2016-20. In 2022, crypto prime brokerage firm SFOX was served a similar order by the court as the tax agency sought similar information.  

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