‘Pirate Nation’ Studio Nets $33 Million Seed Funding to Optimize Fully On-Chain Games

The Proof of Play lauded the successful seed funding round in raising $33M. The firm, which shares the same founder as Zynga’s FarmVille co-creator, is considering allocating seed funding to advance Pirate Nation’s free-to-play infrastructure.

The Proof of Play involves the gaming studio that released the blockchain-based and social role-playing Pirate Nation. The studio acknowledged the input of participants behind the $33 million fundraiser co-led by Greenoaks Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. 

The gaming studio was established by Amitt Mahajan, who also serves as the chief executive, and indicated that the funding would facilitate the company’s growth. The co-creator of the 

Farm Ville, profiled by Zynga as a smash casual game, indicated the funding would help scale the studio’s technology. The latter involves the support infrastructure leveraged by fully on-chain games, thus giving them an indefinite life. 

Pirate Nation Explore Solution to Overcome Wastage When Offline

Emmett Shear, the former chief executive at Twitch, confirmed joining the Proof of Play’s board. The co-founder of the video streaming Twitch featured in the fundraiser, attracting the AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasian, who previously served as the Coinbase chief technology executive.

The statement conveyed by Mahjan admitted that witnessing Zynga’s FarmVille go offline in 2020 motivated him to consider exploring blockchain technology usage. In particular, he considered blockchain technology viable in designing and deploying the ‘forever games’. 

Mahjan regretted that taking Farm Vilee offline cost the game a billion hours of playtime and investment. He decried the demise and acknowledged the need to identify viable mechanisms to transform games into timeless products. 

Mahjan added that blockchain technology would facilitate the creation of multi-generational games capable of outlasting generations and co-owned by the playing communities. The executive observed that though Pirate Nation had its initial deployment on the Polygon blockchain, it would soon embrace Arbitrum Nova, identified as the Ethereum scaling network. The shift portrays the attempt to explore platforms attracting cheaper network fees.

Blockchain-based Games to Accommodate Content Integration

While Proof of Play leverages blockchain networks, players can remix and integrate their content into the on-chain game. Also, the users can customize and expand the blockchain network. 

The statement by Proof of Play on funding coincided with the Thursday announcement that it would unveil free-to-play game access. The latter will enable the players to generate free characters without owning the nonfungible token (NFT). 

Nonetheless, Thursday, September 21, indicated that NFT owners would receive additional benefits, unlike those utilizing the free players’ version. The notice added that the free-to-play version utilizes a unique design that favors the more casual experience oriented to the broader audience. 

Proof of Play Unveils Open-Source Technology

The announcement indicates that the Proof of Play targets unveiling the open-source technology to build entirely on-chain games. Doing so will enable other creators to develop their games and applications utilizing the same tools.

Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz expressed optimism in supporting the Proof of Play during the just concluded seed-funding round. The executive indicated that building on-chain gaming would realize permanence, interoperability, and composability.

Dixon observed that building the on-chain game bolsters the opportunity for the players to exercise asset ownership. Also, it yields an opportunity for developers to create subsequent games on the existing.  

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