Product Guide: Lian Li Hydro Cooling Mining Farm Container

The Lian Li Hydro Cooling Mining Farm Container offers a durable and dependable solution to maximize the miner’s mining potential. Designed with hydro cooling technology hence, the Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU), this equipment is meant to meet the growing needs of cryptocurrency miners seeking efficient and scalable operations.

This advanced mining container uses hydro cooling technology to provide superior thermal control, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for mining hardware. This 20- and 40ft ultra modern cooling container is designed to support Antminer Hydro and Whatsminer Hydro machines. 

Key Features Lian Li Hydro Cooling Mining Farm Container 

Effective Thermal Management with Hydro Cooling Technology. Hydro-cooling technology keeps mining rigs at ideal temperatures, lowering the chance of overheating and guaranteeing reliable operation. Its longevity rate is specific, with an intelligent ventilation system carefully created around it. 

The hydro cooling system helps prolong the life of mining hardware by preserving a steady temperature, safeguarding the user’s  investment. With dual functional 600kW power cabinets made of Schneider power and supported by a UL certification, this cooling system has 1920-amp prime voltage regulators and seven different 200-amp high auxiliary voltage regulators.

Modular Setup on Lian Li Hydro Cooling Container 

As the users’ mining demands increase, they can expand from a tiny initial setup. The setup can be tailored to fit different hardware specs and supports various mining rigs, making it appropriate for cryptocurrency mining scenarios. 

The hydro-cooling system uses less energy than standard air cooling because of its energy efficiency and Power Optimization, which lowers electricity costs, which is a major component in mining profitability. Sustainability Reduced energy use also results in a smaller carbon impact, which helps make mining operations more ecologically friendly. The inner chamber of this container is sealed with an eco-friendly insulator made of A1 high-level fireproof materials.

Security Mechanisms And The Monitoring Systems 

The container is built with sturdy materials and can contain 210 miners. It is carefully structured on the left and right sides. It also has security mechanisms to guard against physical threats and unauthorized access. It has seven floors on each row, and each floor can cibtain15 miners each.

This is evidence of its robust security, evident in its physical security. Its sophisticated monitoring systems and remote monitoring feature provide real-time surveillance of security status and performance parameters, guaranteeing the efficiency and safety of users’ mining operations.

Because of its easy transportation design and Portability Mobile Solution, miners may move their operations with little interruption. This is especially helpful when utilizing renewable energy sources or various electricity rates.

Setup and Configuration on The Lian Li Cooling Farm 

Setting Up the Site Select a location for the container that makes sense, considering security, internet access, and electrical availability. To perfect the power and network setup, users must make sure the container has a steady internet connection and a dependable power source attached to it. To accommodate local power grids, the container offers a variety of power arrangements.

Users must set up and customize mining rigs to meet their operational requirements. Hardware may be easily installed and rearranged with the help of the modular architecture. To seamlessly set up the hydro cooling system, users must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions while connecting the equipment.

Ensure there are no leaks and that all cooling pipes and components are safely linked.  Users must configure the system for remote monitoring to record temperature, security status, and performance data. Check the system often to make sure it is operating at its best.


Superior Cooling

Energy Efficiency




Initial Investment

Complex Setup

Space Requirement

Final Thought 

The Lian Li Hydro Cooling Mining Farm Container is a cutting-edge option for Bitcoin miners looking to improve their operations. Its sophisticated hydro cooling, seen in its Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU), along with its scalability, energy economy, and robust security features, make it an attractive option for mining companies of all sizes.

It is a reasonable investment for serious miners because of the long-term benefits of performance, dependability, and profitability, even though the setup complexity and initial investment are factors to consider.

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