Roblox Disapproves Erroneous Claims of Supporting XRP, Rules Out Crypto Payments

Roblox distanced itself from the rapidly spreading claims of supporting Ripple native token XRP. The gaming platform termed the assertions false despite the claims spreading like wildfire. 

Roblox decried the claims that spread fast, even the deletion of the initial post in the source media. 

Roblox Denies Plan to Integrate Support for Crypto Payments

Roblox denied that it is set to integrate support for crypto payments. The platform dismissed the claims circulating on Tuesday that gamers could purchase Robux to settle payments for in-game items using Ripple’s XRP token. 

Rumors of Roblox supporting XRP started on Monday, October 16, evening, shortly after the BitPay payments processor posted on X (formerly Twitter) that users could leverage Ripple’s XRP token to make Xsolla payments in supporting games. The post referred to those labeled as free-to-play Roblox and Smite.

BitPay post read that Xsolla was accepting XRP as payment for Smite and Roblox games. The post, now deleted, informed users that they could leverage their favorite crypto in purchasing, playing, and enjoying gaming, unlike before. 

Efforts to clarify why the source post was deleted attracted a calm response from BitPay chief marketing executive Bill Zielke as the discovery of an inaccuracy in the tweet. The executive added that BitPay is set to issue subsequent statements detailing merchants accepting crypto payments in the future. 

BitPay Tweet Misinterpreted to Imply Roblox Adding XRP Payment

Although the BitPay tweet was deleted, it triggered fast-spreading news that misinterpreted that Roblox was adding XRP into the payment offerings. A notable tweet from reputable crypto investor Scott Melker displayed a false Roblox-crypto link with over 270000 views. The post claimed that the news illustrated a positive yet better legal climate secured by the token. 

Roblox dismissed the claims that it was partnering with BitPay as unfounded. Also, it labeled the claim that BitPay was bringing XRP to the gamers as inaccurate and false. 

Roblox spokesperson regretted the spread of inaccuracies. The executive lamented that other outlets were picked up by social media posts. The officer faulted the news articles as spreading rumors. While Xsolla is one of the payment providers for Roblox, the latter excludes cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and XRP, from the payment methods. 

The Roblox executive acknowledged that the removal of BitPay’s tweet was necessitated due to its inaccurate information. Performing a quick test on the acquisition process for users shows the in-game are limited to US payment alternatives, including credit card, Venmo, Klarna, gift card, Paysafecard, PayPal, debit card, gift card, PayPal, Venmo, and CVS Pharmacy payments. 

Xsolla’s Rules Out Involvement in Now-deleted BitPay’s Twitter Post

The Xsolla executive confirmed offering limited payment options that developers can leverage across platforms. The spokesperson indicated that BitPay is among the authorized platforms. 

Xsolla ruled out involvement in the now-deleted bitpay’s Twitter post. 

Xsolla’s representative clarified that the tech firm provides the gift solution that Roblox can utilize from 2020. The executive added that extra is now a payment provider as outlined on the Roblox website to facilitate credit card charges. 

The spokesperson indicated that Xsolla also provided payment solutions for other gaming platforms, including Twitch Epic Games, Valve, and Krafton.

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