ZachXBT Imposters Actively Exploring Possible Victims

Michael Khekoian, a Wallet Guard executive, revealed to a digital media resource that several fake accounts have emerged following ZachXBT’s deactivation of his account.

According to reports, social media has several accounts posing as ZachXBT, a famous blockchain sleuth famous for openly uncovering deceitful cryptocurrency projects. This is happening after his social account was disabled.

Wallet Guard Web3 Executive Alleges Blockchain Sleuth Imposters Seek to Swindle Victims

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Micheal Khekoian, a partnership director at Wallet Guard, a Web3 security company, told his 12700 followers that the famous blockchain sleuth is being imitated to swindle people.

Speaking to a digital media resource, he made it clear that numerous fake accounts cropped up after the disabling of ZachXBT’s official profile. He said that concerning ZachXBT, several accounts presently imitate his display name and utilize the pretense of aiding the user to control an already unlucky situation to their advantage.

Further, he warned users to remain alert, stressing that several accounts replicating famous profiles like ZachXBT often seek to trick users. In this case, they lure them into clicking phishing links and participating in scams.

On X (formerly Twitter), a user named ‘Nathan.eth’ posted a screenshot on Telegram, claiming that ZachXBT had disabled his account ‘indefinitely.’ Earlier this year, ZachXBT was at the core of a legal war after thoroughly investigating Jeffrey Huang. The individual is identified as MachiBigBrother from his X profile.

Character Assassination Case Filed Against ZachXBT

Jeffrey’s X post on June 16 showed he had filed a character assassination case against ZachXBT, faulting him for destroying his name via false claims. Jeffrey failed to stipulate the assertions. However, in June last year, ZachXBT published a disclosure involving embezzlement of 220,000 ETH as an account of Machi Big Brother .

Two days following the lawsuit’s filing, the crypto community offered more than $1M in donations to ZachXBT to enable him to cover his legal fees. Examples of donors included Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s founder, and Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, the ex-CEO of Binance. ZachXBT failed to respond to our request for comment,

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